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About Us

Our multi-disciplinary team are experts with proven excellence in leading personal and professional transformation in healthcare. We teach, model and advocate for compassionate, competent and holistic care for all people: body, mind and spirit.

Our Mission

The mission of The BirchTree Center for Healthcare Transformation is to serve healthcare professionals and organizations in manifesting cultures of caring, healing and transformation and promote the consistent practice of holistic healthcare among all providers.

Our vision of healthcare for all people is:

~ Fair and Humane

~ Safe and Welcoming

~ Innovative and Progressive

~ Caring and Healing

~ Personal and Inclusive

~ Secure and Sustainable

Our Name

The BirchTree name is derived from the ancient Nordic word 'Berkana'. Its meaning symbolizes healing, nurturing, growth and transformation. The tree associated with Berkana is the birch tree.

The BirchTree Center for Healthcare Transformation

296 Nonotuck St: Ste 11, Florence, MA 01062
Phone: 413-586-5551  Fax: 413-586-8181

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